Low x Skeme “Down” Prod Sean Momberger

Low x Skeme “Down” Prod Sean Momberger

Oregon artist Low has recruited Inglewood’s Skeme for “Down” produced by Sean Momberger. This autotune heavy track is fuckin’ wavy! Low and Skeme both murk, Low put a great record together and Skeme does what he always does, say some shit you wish you thought of. The Duke said “I make a bad bitch behave” fuck, why didn’t I think of that?! That would’ve been in my Twitter bio if I did.

As soon as you hear it you know this is some sing-loudly-in-your-car-while-you-turn-up-alone shit. And it sounds even better when you’re riding through (whichever clever synonym you come up for your city) with your woes. This is now in my turn-up playlist right next to Future’s March Madness, press play!

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