DerekDidIt “Fresh off A Juug” ft Ace Santana

DerekDidIt “Fresh off A Juug” ft Ace Santana

Ace Santana and DerekDidIt, did it, again! Fresh Off A Juug is one of the hardest records I’ve heard in some time. In a world full of marshmallow and twinkie raps, DerekDidIt and Ace deliver strong punches to the gut of this grimy beat. This is the type of record that plays in your head as you step out your house with your freshest fits, I’m Fresh Off A Juug plays in your head all damn day long after you hear it. My pops called me today and asked me what I was doing, I said I was fresh off a juug, fresh off a jugg.

To the fuccboiz who don’t know what a juug is in the first place, a juug means “Act of profiting off illegal or legal activities. Involves scheming, lying or tricking other party for a larger financial gain”. Your shoes gotta be Balenci while you’re doing it though. Listen below!

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