A1 Krashn “Trap” (Day By Day)

A1 Krashn “Trap” (Day By Day)

A1 Krashn is out here! The Inglewood artist sang, produced and wrote “Trap” (Day By Day) entirely by himself, the last time someone did that Bill Clinton was getting chick-filatio in the White House. Records nowadays have 4 producers, 3 songwriters 2 engineers, 2 vocalists and eventually get touched, tossed, flipped and everyone gets a piece, it’s like a damn Chick-fil-a kitchen orgy. To do bad all by yourself these days is impressive, like Chick-fil-a’s Honey Roasted Barbecue Sauce. I gave up Chick-fil-a for lent, taking it day by day, sorry.

Listen below to A1’s powerful new confessional record!

Rosecrans Vic

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