Scoresayze Reviews 40 Mill Music Video

Scoresayze Reviews 40 Mill Music Video

If you haven’t watched the video yet then you shouldn’t be reading this! Watch the video down below.

Quick Summary of Tyga’s new video: Basic Church scene, rapper in a fedora, red rental cars, Ace Hood as a demon, a Barry Bonds lookalike passing Tyga a curl bar, random guy throwing a Molotov at cement, and girls in bikinis.

I really hate the Mark Wahlberg scene they chose from Pain and Gain. How do you use a shitty movie scene as an intro to a decent song?

Back to the review…

40 Mill is self-directed by Tyga, and it features some special guests. As stated above he was able to get Ace Hood to play the Demon in his video, and through CGI technology he was able to get Barry Bonds to look like he did in his early 20’s to workout with him. Now I might’ve made all that up, but you can’t deny that doesn’t look like Ace Hood and Barry Bonds. Now I’m no expert in directing videos, but in my opinion I think some of the scenes are out of order and it ruins the flow of the video. A little advice to T-Raww, never add in a wide angle shot of a crowd of your fans if not a lot of fans showed up. Jordan releases have bigger crowds than that. The Molotov scene and the scene right after are heavily influenced by Kanye’s performance to All Day. The scene of him riding and rapping in his M-M-M-M-M-MAYBACH is heavily influenced by every Young Money and We The Best music video ever made. It’s no secret that Tyga has been working out lately, and I think he purposely added those scenes in the video to let Drake know that he’s getting ready to fade him, ON SIGHT! (‘Ye Voice)

Even though the video lacks originality, you can’t expect much from somebody that self directed his own video. Unless you’re YEEZUS!

Who thinks Kylie Jenner should’ve been in this video? Or am I the only one still thirsting over her? If she’s 17 then I’m 17. (Kidding, kind of)

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