No One Watches The Summer League

No One Watches The Summer League

Wale collaborated with Mr. Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign for “Summer League” that was a leftover from Wale’s upcoming The Album About Nothing or #TAAN. The title really describes what the song sounds like, the equivalent to the NBA summer league, trash. If the stars do play they’re not giving it their all, because no one gives a fuck about the summer league! I should have known that’s what the title really meant.

This dude Wale fucked up a song with two of the best people doing music right now in my opinion. How the fuck did you do that?! If this song was any good it would’ve been on the album that ain’t ’bout shit, which I am no long looking forward to. Shit, the song didn’t even come with artwork! I had to get his album cover just to have something to display in the little box. Let’s hope this is the last time anyone makes a summer league-ish record.

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