WwW: Mat Randol “Wisdom” & “Hyperbolic Time Chamber”

WwW: Mat Randol “Wisdom” & “Hyperbolic Time Chamber”

This week we our World-wide Wednesday series takes us up to Portland, Oregon to introduce you to Mat Randol. We also had the pleasure of interviewing Mat and finding out a bit more about him. Wisdom, is a record I questioned him about because of the way he painted such a vivid picture in his verse. Mat truly makes you feel like you are there watching everything unfold before your eyes. It’s a real skill when an artist can do that. The other record is a dope song he is featured on titled Hyperbolic Time Chamber by Portland group Naturally Grown Misfits. He just gets off and this record and gives you BARS. Listen below and tell us what you think! And peep his interview dropping later on today!

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