Suge Knight Running Over 2 Men Video (EXPLICIT CONTENT)

Suge Knight Running Over 2 Men Video (EXPLICIT CONTENT)

Now we usually don’t post stuff like this, but this is really big news in the sense of there is actual footage obtained from the incident at Tam’s Burgers on Rosecrans in Compton that ended with one man dead and the other hospitalized. The only reason we’re posting this is because Terry Carter’s family, the man who was killed in this unfortunate situation are condoning the posting of the video to show people what really happened. Carter’s family believe Suge Knight acted with premeditated malice when his Red Ford Raptor struck Terry, not in self-defense as Knight’s attorney argues. Judge for yourself and comment below. Again, going to warn you it is very gruesome, not for the faint of heart (I only watched it once).

// (Via TMZ)

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