Tinashe – “Bated Breath” Music Video

Tinashe – “Bated Breath” Music Video

Tinashe has had my attention ever since her debut album released last year. Girl makes some awesome tracks. But now we see the visual side of “Bated Breath“, in which she filmed in the Mojave Desert without any money from her label. Pretty gutsy move, but the outcome was well worth it. The nearly 9-minute long video shows Tinashe as a pilot who has crash landed in a remote area while the words “save me” quickly flash on the screen. Along with some great landscape shots and shots of Tinashe nervously running around with seemingly no place to go makes for a great visual experience. Check out the video below and check dates for when she will join Iggy Azalea for her upcoming “Great Escape Tour”.

Click here for “Great Escape Tour” dates and tickets

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