Nosaj Thing – “Cold Stares” ft. Chance the Rapper

Nosaj Thing – “Cold Stares” ft. Chance the Rapper

Nosaj Thing has hooked up with the acid rapper himself, Chance the Rapper, in the song “Cold Stares“. Originally, the song had been dropped by Chance not too long ago, but he quickly took it down. It has now resurfaced in its entirety, now showing that it is actually a Nosaj track that will be on his upcoming album. The song features a melancholic start and a feel that is described exactly how the title says: cold stares, in the night to be specific. The song also features vocals by Maceo Haymes from The O’My’s. The lines that Chance drops that connects with the nerd in me would be the first 2 opening lines, “Silent and solemn, Smeagol the gollum. Evil done got him.” Chance dropping some Lord of the Rings references on us? I love it. Listen below and keep on the lookout for Nosaj Thing’s album, “Fated “, dropping May 5th. If you want to pre-order Fated, the link to that is also below.

Pre-Order Fated here

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