Rosecrans Radio SZN 2: Episode 01 Podcast

Rosecrans Radio SZN 2: Episode 01 Podcast

Rosecrans Radio with Vic Stunts (me) is back! For it’s second season, we’ve decided to have all the audio available not only the interviews available for all of your listening pleasures. In case you don’t catch it live you can now listen to the entire show on your way to work, at the gym or on your leisure time in your leisure suit. I dropped a lot of heat this episode ranging from the new Kendrick record, cuts off Big Sean’s new album, The Fan of a Fan album, Post Malone’s White Iverson and much more, it’s a must listen!

Click below and follow us on Soundcloud for a new episode every week. And to listen to us Live tune into every Tuesday at 8:30.

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