Kanye West “All Day”

Kanye West “All Day”

Yeezy is back with another leak off of his upcoming “So Help Me God” Album. This ill track continues to build anticipation for the album that will likely drop by surprise very soon! I just hope I’m somewhere where the Wi-Fi is LIT, when it does drop. I might just have to post up at my local coffee shop ALL DAY N*GGA.

Wait hold up, is that Paul McCartney whistling at the end of the record? If it is, that’s power. Kanye got a fucking Beatle to Whistle on his track! Well, nothing that Yeezy does these days should surprise us, but if I find out that Paul McCartney has been the one whistling on all my favorite whistle tracks like Juelz Santana’s There It Go, Too Short’s Blow The Whistle and Ying Yang Twin’s Whistle While You Twerk I will lose my shit.

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