Fashawn – The Ecology

Fashawn – The Ecology

theecologyFashawn’s sophomore album, The Ecology, dropped this week, and let’s just say, I was really anxious for this to drop. Dropped under Nas’ Mass Appeal Records, Fashawn’s Ecology touches on the ecology of one’s surroundings: people, things, and happenings occurring in one’s life, the things that make one behave a certain way, that make us make certain choices, and on a larger scale, how everyone in the world is connected with each other. The album did not disappoint. And in a week full of great album releases, Fashawn is holding his own with the other heavy hitters. If you have not checked it out yet, it is now available on Spotify(stream is down below) but if you want to support great LA music, make sure to download from iTunes or buy at your local music store!

Favorite tracks: “Guess Who’s Back”, “Something To Believe In”, “To Be Young”, “Golden State of Mind”, “Letter F”, “Out The Trunk”.

Click here to buy The Ecology on iTunes


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