TBT: Kendrick Lamar “Michael Jordan” ft Schoolboy Q

TBT: Kendrick Lamar “Michael Jordan” ft Schoolboy Q

In 2010 K. Dot was known to some as Jay Rock’s lil homie, he had just changed his name MC name to Kendrick Lamar and he was starting to gain a buzz after droppping his Overly Dedicated Mixtape. This was at a time where people in LA were looking to crown the next King. The Game had ran the past 6 summers no doubt, but people naturally look for who is next, many thought it would be Jay Rock, some thought it would be G. Malone, others thought Spider Loc, or Bishop Lamont. Everyone was wrong, it was and still is Kendrick Lamar, and this record definitely got people to pay attention to him. As we all await his sophomore album, it’s nice to go back and see that he’s been killing it for years now.

And this was in constant rotation in my whip that summer, it also has a line that I have lived by since the moment I heard it, “Let her be a hoe, why you stoppin’ her”. Bounce Bounce Hoe!

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