“Back-N-Forth” -Kixxie Siete & Suave

“Back-N-Forth” -Kixxie Siete & Suave

Kixxie Siete and Suave have dropped a new video for our viewing pleasure. It’s a real dope track, but I don’t know what to call this record, oh yeah it’s called, “Back-N-Forth“. And the two spitters trade ill bars back and forth, while the video displays them doing a slew of activities. You can see them ballin’ up at the local basketball court, playing tennis at their local tennis court, rapping at their local park and camping, or maybe it was hiking, I didn’t see any pitched tents.

The coolest shit about this video is when Kixxie and Suave are rapping to the camera while also designating one of their clones to play tennis and basketball for them, that’s power. You know you’ve made it when you can successfully accomplish mitosis on the court to ball and rap simultaneously, rappin’ and ballin’ that’s the dream! Watch scientific history below.

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