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#ThrowbackThursday Tha Eastsidaz “I Luv It”

The year was 2001, I was 9 years old and I got straight A’s on my report card so I asked my Mom take me to Best Buy as a reward. I was in search Lil’ Romeo’s self-titled debut album, before-long I found it, but I also found another album right next to it on the new release shelf. The album was titled Duces N’ Trayz by Tha Eastsidaz, I had heard their single “I Luv It” all over Power 106 and seen the video on BET’s 106 & Park. I was instantly presented with a dilemma, be a normal 9 year old and buy Lil’ Romeo’s album or keep it G from there on out in my life and buy Tha Eastsidaz album. I’m sorry Lil’ Romeo but, I chose to keep it G instead of ICDC and it was easily in my top five of best decisions made in my life.

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