Joey Fatts “Ill Street Blues”

Joey Fatts “Ill Street Blues”

HERE IT IS, TODAY’S THE DAY! #FATTSTuesday. Joey Fatts has finally released “Ill Street Blues” upon us. The much anticipated EP is entirely produced by Fatts and is a conceptual project that takes us through a week with Joey on Ill Street. The Long Beach artist provides us with 7 tracks of pure heat (insert fire emoji) with each track representing a day of the week. Intro takes place on Friday and How We Livin’ is on Saturday and Sunday is of course on Sunday and so on until the tape ends on Thursday with the motivational “All We Got“.

This project is incredibly cohesive and makes it that much better because of it. When I listen to projects like Ill Street Blues, or Hell Can Wait, GKMC and My Krazy Life it feels like I’m right there with them witnessing it all happening. Which is actually what Fatts has in the works, he stated he will be creating a mini-series out of the music videos where each video will begin where the last one left off. Stay tuned for that on and right here on The Ave.

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