JOEY FATTS ” All We Got”

JOEY FATTS ” All We Got”

Joey Fatts has leaked one song right before his “Ill Street Blues” EP drops tomorrow! “All We Got” produced by the man himself shows a celebratory Fatts delivering inspirational raps over an instrumental that sounds as if he has the kids he’s inspiring cheering him on as he runs his victory lap.

After listening to Joey’s interview with HGR Live I am extremely intrigued and excited about his new project because as Fatts said this will take you through a week in his life, starting on Friday and ending on the next Friday. Also, he revealed that he will be releasing a mini-series that will be like The Wire where the music videos will be about 7 minutes long, consisting of 4 minutes of audio and 3 minutes of acting. Listen to the new song and watch the interview for yourself below.

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