World-Wide Wednesday: Post Malone “White Iverson”

World-Wide Wednesday: Post Malone “White Iverson”

For this week’s World-Wide Wednesday we are showcasing Post Malone’s hot new record “White Iverson“. Post is from the Dallas, Texas area but is currently living out here in LA, because that’s where anyone with talent comes to ball (exclude the Lakers from this brag).

This is easily in the top 5 of the dopest songs released this year. C’mon bruh lets be real he’s saucin’ all over ya’ll. White Iverson is 4 minutes of unadulterated dope where he draws parallels between himself and NBA great Allen Iverson. For instance, when Post started ballin’ he was young, also he has braids and rocks a sleeve with tattoos under. This smooth, melodic jam is quickly exploding all over the internet, this may be his shot to crossover to stardom.

White Iverson is filled with witty basketball references, so if you can find all of them and comment below, RosecransAve will send you a basketball signed by teammate of (Black) Iverson, Sixer great Todd McCulloch.

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