#ThrowbackThursday: DPGC “Real Soon”

#ThrowbackThursday: DPGC “Real Soon”

The Dogg Pound Gangsta Crips blessed the world in 2006 with this hold-ya-head-up type of record dedicated to all the people you miss. Nate Dogg singing the hook now takes on an eerily different meaning as he tragically passed away in 2011, but this was originally a dedication to all people in the penitentiary.

This song takes me back to 2006, a fourteen year old riding shotgun in my Mom’s Chevy Trailblazer and raising the volume while thinking of my uncle Fernando who was going to get out of prison soon and finally stay out, for good. He had always dreamed of a rap career and he seriously had the talent for it. Unfortunately, he could never stay out of trouble and eventually ended up back in prison. His misfortune has taught me to never squander my youth and talent. Hope I see you real soon Tio, this one’s for you!

Rosecrans Vic

My Ambitionz az a Writer.

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