J Dilla x Tray Deee x Daz “Curb Servin”

J Dilla x Tray Deee x Daz “Curb Servin”

The LA Leakers got their hands on old TAPE (yes a cassette) from 1996 that was intended for an old show Fuzzy Fantab used to have on Power back in the day. So, In honor of J Dilla, one of the best producer’s of all time, passing on this day 9 years ago, they have leaked this incredible intro full of nonstop bars for our listening pleasure.

I was buggin’ when I first read this because I tweeted Tray Deee over the weekend saying the world needs Tha Eastsidaz back and he replied that he agrees. While this isn’t exactly “new” or an actual Eastidaz record, this temporarily fills that void.

via LA Leakers


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