Kendrick Lamar – “The Blacker The Berry”

Kendrick Lamar – “The Blacker The Berry”

After being a no-show at the Grammy’s last night(probably because he was robbed last year)but winning two awards nonetheless, Kendrick Lamar decides to drop a new song, in timely fashion. Everyone was waiting on what the follow up to “i” would be, and now we have it. “The Blacker The Berry” is, from speculation, the second single off of Kendrick’s long awaited untitled sophomore release. And for those of you that were turned off by “i”(I personally loved it), this will for sure make you re-consider whether or not his next project is gonna bump.

Hopping on a dark Boi-1da beat, K. Dot unleashes one of the hungriest flows I’ve heard in some time. Kendrick touches on the topic of racial injustice towards African-Americans, which has been a hot topic recently in this country, and when he said the line “I’m black as the heart of a fuckin’ Aryan“, I had to restart my computer. It crashed. So have caution when listening. We dig this, but all we want is for this album to drop soon, so we can all be the “biggest hypocrite of 2015.”

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