Mishon “02.04.15” EP

Mishon “02.04.15” EP

Mishon is back on The Ave with an amazing piece of work. He released an all new EP titled 02.04.15. and it is nothing short of incredible. I really fux with this project, no seriously I fux with this on, my second son will most likely be conceived to “Love Train” and part of “Lay It On Me” this Valentine’s Day.

Track one through seven is going to take you on a love roller coaster, from wanting your girl out your life to missing her, reminding her that ass is still yours, man-ing up and showing her you’re all about her, sexing her all night, asking her to be yours again and lay it on you. Yo, “Missing You” was so well done it made me miss girls I never met before. Love Train is like a new school “Pony”, it’s crazy, had me feeling like I was in Magic Mike. This is the truth, it’s the real R&B that has been gone for so long. Listen for yourselves below though!

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