Dubb – “Trouble On My Mind/Food For My Stomach” Music Video

Dubb – “Trouble On My Mind/Food For My Stomach” Music Video

South Central’s very own Dubb has dropped a 2-for-1 special for us(hold the fries) for his songs “Trouble On My Mind” featuring R&B duo Jake&Papa and “Food For My Stomach“. “Trouble On My Mind” deals with the recent killings of Eric Garner and Michael Brown and many other young African-Americans that were killed by the police. We’ve seen many rappers touch on the subject, but Dubb’s video puts it into perspective and shows video clips that were shown on the news, and the footage gets to you while he raps about gangs making a peace treaty in order to defeat a bigger common enemy. “Food For My Stomach” shows just how hungry Dubb is. He compares himself to a lion being so hungry, that he’ll not only take the game in the near future, but all the rappers in the way will be served and devoured for Dubb’s dinner from January all the way to December. I wouldn’t want to be in his path anytime soon. Watch the visual below.

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