Demrick – “Skyscraper” ft. Logic & King Chip (prod. Cal Cleve)

Demrick – “Skyscraper” ft. Logic & King Chip (prod. Cal Cleve)

“I’m building up that money, call that skyscraper paper!” As he readies himself for his upcoming album Losing Focus that drops on February 24th, Los Angeles emcee Demrick drops “Skyscraper” featuring the talents of Logic and King Chip. Demrick raps about how life used to be difficult, and now it’s all about sippin’ that rosé while Logic (who had a crazy debut album too by the way) takes it a bit quicker when it’s his time around, while King Chip mentions that he’s “just looking for a reason to cut some people off”, and this isn’t his New Year’s resolution that he’ll give up on after a couple of weeks like the rest of us(remind me why I bought that gym membership again..), instead, he’s keeping this plan for the whole year, because it’s his year. Listen below and keep on the lookout for Demrick’s album.

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