Kali Uchis “Por Vida” EP Stream

Kali Uchis “Por Vida” EP Stream

Kali Uchis has dropped her highly anticipated “Por Vida” EP. The first time I heard a song from Kali I was so pleasantly surprised to hear this completely new sound that sounded like the classic songs my Dad plays in his ’64 Impala on Sunday morning cruises.

After binge listening to this last night and all day today, I really love this EP. I want to highlight some songs in particular, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think the rest of the tape isn’t as solid. Listen to the whole thing all the way through but listen to SpeedLottery, Rush and Call Me thrice! You’ll thank me later. Speed is my favorite, and we can thank Tyler, The Creator for that amazing production. I hope he directs the video for the record too!

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