Rihanna – “FourFiveSeconds” Music Video

Rihanna – “FourFiveSeconds” Music Video

Rihanna’s newest single, “FourFiveSeconds“, has come under a lot of criticism lately. But I personally like the track. I will admit, it sounded a bit different to me at first than I intended it to be, but it grew on me after the second listen. RiRi follows up her single featuring Kanye West and Paul McCartney with a visual for the song. We see the size of the video seem like a perfect fit for Instagram’s square format, for some reason. But other than that, Rihanna sings great in this song, along with Paul McCartney’s guitar playing and Kanye’s auto-tuned vocals. Rihanna and Ye sing as characters that are a couple that have gone through some hardships. And while Rihanna is drunk and “like four-five seconds from wildin'”, Yeezy might “go to jail tonight.” Check out the video below.

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