Craigy F “Puffy”

Craigy F “Puffy”

For the first World-Wide Wednesday we are glad to bring you Craigy F’s “Puffy”. The Connecticut artist is someone we predict will have a huge year, so right before he blows up, get to know him and tell all your friends you heard of him first.

This song has been played on a loop for a week straight, and causes me to go into an instant Diddy-Bop stance and do thisDiddy-Bop-Writing-a-book and this tumblr_m1x67vwqPm1qh9nffo1_250.

And if I’m wearing Timberlands I’m doing this dance he does at 0:50 seconds. Enough Diddy Gifs though, listen to Craigy F’s great new record.

This song will also be featured on our WeAreTheStreetsVol1 mixtape.

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