Jhené Aiko – “Spotless Mind” Music Video

Jhené Aiko – “Spotless Mind” Music Video

Jhené Aiko has released a visual for her song “Spotless Mind“, and I personally enjoyed it. As soon as it started, I could see that she got inspiration from Wes Anderson’s films, who is a personal favorite director of mine. The 90 degree turns and perfectly centered shots grabbed me at the beginning, but the song and Jhené’s ever changing character made me stay and watch until the end. In the video, we see Jhené with her boyfriend(played by O’Ryan who is Omarion’s younger brother and the father of their daughter) being a “wanderer” as she goes throughout her day. She’s changing personas every couple of hours, showing how change in a person is inevitable and is even needed at times, but eventually her dude can’t take it anymore and leaves her. “Shame on me for changing. No, shame on you for staying the same” she says in the chorus to justify her actions. Check out the video below.

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