Tha Joker “FHITO” ft Raven Felix, RiFF RaFF and K Camp

Tha Joker “FHITO” ft Raven Felix, RiFF RaFF and K Camp

Tha Joker, K Camp and RiFF RaFF and the homegirl Raven Felix have made a record together. “FHITO” stands for Fuck How It Turn Out, and this song fortunately turned out great. Everyone did their thing and fit this track perfectly. RiFF and K Camp might be the most recognizable names to most however Raven (Rice) knocked this record the fuck out when it was turn. The Goddess of the West is poised to have a big year if she continues murdering all these features.

FHITO is the 2015 YOLO because in so many words Joker is really just saying he’s too cool to care. So when you go out with your boys or your girls your response to their question of, “what do think tonight’s going to be like?” you calmly reply, “FHITO” get in the car, play this shit and turn the fuck up.

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