Nacho “ion fuck wit” Prod. Larry Jayy

Nacho “ion fuck wit” Prod. Larry Jayy

Nacho from The Hub is making his premiere on The Ave with “ion fuck wit” produced by the homie Larry Jayy. Small Circle Nacho has bars and a flow you can’t fuck with. He is shining over the heat provided by Larry, story telling, calling out snakes and snitch bitches and making a banger in the process. Sometimes you just got to let it be known who you don’t fuck with. This is the perfect song to play when you pick up that homie you have who never puts ends on gas or has money for food, but stays with the fresh gear. Or you can play it around your side chick just reinforce “I’m fuckin’ you, but ion fuck wit you”.

Nacho may very well be the next rapper out of Compton to blow. At only 18 years old with a flow like this, it’s very feasible. Follow him from the jump, don’t hop on the Small Circle bandwagon later! @NachoHustle on Twitter.

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