Lamor – “Give A Damn” (prod. Pharomazan)

Lamor – “Give A Damn” (prod. Pharomazan)

Compton newcomer Lamor has a new song for us titled “Give A Damn”. Our city keeps bringing up great and talented singers to the R&B game, and Lamor is a perfect example of that. This song shows Lamor asking his new girl to leave her current dude who has been nothing but shady towards her. The line “don’t wanna see you get hurt and if you stay with him I know that he’s gon’ drive you crazy” shows that he really cares for this girl and doesn’t want to see her get hurt, instead he wants to have her all for himself and show her that he loves her more than her current man does. Listen to the track below.

Irene Guerrero

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