Audio Push – “Heavy” ft. OG Maco

Audio Push – “Heavy” ft. OG Maco

The hip hop duo from the IE known as Audio Push have dropped a freebie for us named “Heavy” that features OG Maco along with production from HS87 members Ducko McFli, Hit-Boy, and Hazebanga. As the duo gets ready for their tour with Wale, they release this as a thank you to their loyal fans. The song starts off a bit slow, but the bass quickly drops and we get into Audio Push showing off their versatile skills. They bring their crazy energy into each of their verses, and so does featured rapper OG Maco as he raps quicker than usual. They then slow it down for the chorus which is a nice change of pace. Make sure to stream the song below and download too.

Irene Guerrero

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