Nipsey Hussle “Mailbox Money” Review

Nipsey Hussle “Mailbox Money” Review

I been a Nipsey Hussle fan since 2009-2010.  Back during the ‘Bullets Ain’t Got No Names’ mixtape days.  Although I wouldn’t pay $1000 for his music, it’s pretty much a given that I am a loyal fan.  I always tell people Nipsey’s work is unlike any other LA rapper’s because it appeals to all regions in the US.  Furthermore, his production is always so clean that it can pass as a Rick Ross album.  Last year, Nipsey dropped what I believed was a classic mixtape in ‘Crenshaw’.  This new year he hopes to follow it up with ‘Mailbox Money’.

Biased or not, this tape sounds better than most rapper’s complete albums.  ‘Mailbox Money’ packs raw gangster shit to smooth player shit.  You get to hear everything from Nipsey’s pain and struggle, to motivation and him talking that boss shit.

The tape starts off strong with one of my favorites, ‘Killa’.  You can always find me throughout the day singing the hook: “I pull up in that black on black, smokin killa.”  ‘Real Nigga Moves’ is another favorite off the tape.  Nip & Dom Kennedy are one of those duos that’s always money when they collab with each other.  On ‘Stay Loyal’. what stood out to me was the TLC ‘Creep’ sample.  Anyone that knows me, knows I’m a sucker for ‘90’s R&B samples.  If I had to choose one track off the tape to be my favorite, it’d probably be ‘Only A Case’.  That right there sounds like some ‘90’s west coast shit.  Back when Daz was producing majority of Death Row’s records.  What I like about Nipsey, is that on every piece of work he puts out, he always has one song that can impact a person beyond music.  On ‘Mailbox Money’ in particular, that song was ‘Overtime’ for me.  I feel like everyone working to achieve something in life can relate to that shit.  Everytime I listen to that joint, I think about finally finishing school.

Production is on point, as always.  Hit-Boy, DJ Mustard & Nipsey’s own in-house producers, 1500 Or Nothing, all have credits on here.  Features include Rick Ross, K Camp, Trae Tha Truth & all of Nipsey’s n*ggas: Buddy, Pacman, J Stone.  It’s been two weeks since this has come out, & it’s still the only thing I’m playing in the whip.

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