Casey Veggies “Backflip Remix” Video

Casey Veggies “Backflip Remix” Video

Casey Veggies has finally dropped the video to his “Backflip” record featuring ratchet gods IAMSU and YG. This track was first released late last summer and has steadily got more airplay. I was so hyped when I seen those those Ringling Sisters doing backflips on the mattress, because I felt like I predicted that shit in my first post, “One of these hoes or maybe a group of hoes really be doing backflips at the club or the crib for the right price. There must be a group of laid off, displaced acrobats(maybe The Ringling Sisters) out there hungry for money willing to do backflips and other acrobatics just to eat. This deeply saddens me but this beat goes so hard.” Vicstrodamus! *Walks off*

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