Avon Carter “Michael Jackson”

Avon Carter “Michael Jackson”

Who is Avon Carter? He is the man who made the illest Michael Jackson song of all time! This is way iller than any bullshit MJ’s label has made posthumously. They really have the wrong people executive producing the album, give Avon Carter keys and let him do his thing. I would imagine the album would be just as well put together as this song is. I can imagine a Michael Jackson record featuring Avon Carter and Migos or Future and Michael singing a duet.

The record is filled with witty Michael Jackson puns and the production is incredible. If you don’t repeat Michael Jackson at least three times after hearing this you do not have a pulse. 

We predict this song will be HUGE this year. Remember where you heard it first!  Follow Avon on Twitter and IG @WhoIsAvonCarter 

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