Azizi Gibson “Be Someone” & “Mandatory Action”

Azizi Gibson “Be Someone” & “Mandatory Action”

Azizi Gibson has treated us with two new joints for our happy ass ears. According to Azizi these are two records he made with a purpose but was too embarrassed to release them on a project. Well we are happy you decided to finally put them out bruh!


Be Someone” is an introspective track where he shares personal thoughts and past struggles produced by Clams Casino. Clams is best known from producing fire ass instrumentals for A$AP Rocky’s first project and he does the same for Gibson here. And “Mandatory Action” is amazing, I can’t believe he was able to sit on this for some time, I would’ve taken immediate action running out the studio like “ALERT THE MEDIA, I GOT ONE!” Maybe that’s why I’m not a rapper, I’m not cool enough.

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