#ThrowbackThursday Pac Div “Mayor”

#ThrowbackThursday Pac Div “Mayor”

The year was 2009, I was 16 years old and I had a Sony Walkman MP3 (yes they made those you asshole, my parents didn’t buy me an iPod like your spoiled ass) this MP3 player had only 3 albums in rotation. Those three were Drake’s So Far Gone, U-N-I’s A Love Supreme and Pac Div’s Church League Champions, I didn’t need anything else, those were the best projects released that whole year fuck what you say.

Anyways, this video, got a lot of play on MTV2 when it was released and really got people to pay attention to the new crop of LA artists who would soon make names for themselves. This song really epitomized exactly what that era in LA was, crewneck sweaters, 501’s, chucks, The Hundreds tees. Classic.

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