Aceyalone + Thurz + DrainTheGod of Unit 90 @ Los Globos 1/22/15

Aceyalone + Thurz + DrainTheGod of Unit 90 @ Los Globos 1/22/15

Chinky Eyed LA Presents: Aceyalone, Thurz and DrainTheGod of Unit 90 ! Plus many more! Hosted by DJ B Orignal and Melloe Won. January 22nd it’s going up at the historic Los Globos on Sunset Blvd. If you’re 19 and older buy some tickets asap, I’m sure they will sell out. Yeah 19, I’m not sure why, some 18 year old must’ve fucked it up for the rest of them.

There’s some shows that seem taylor made for you, like if your imagination put it together, that’s what this is for me. I respect the hell out of Aceyalone, and finally get to see him perform live. Then there’s the homie Thurz who always puts on a hell of a show, and has some great new music I’m dying to see live. And finally DrainTheGod, Rawn Angeles and 3rd Ave from Unit 90 are performing, perfect. I need to thank Chinky Eyed LA and Salute The Gods.

Buy your tickets here!

And Listen to DrainTheGod’s EP below!

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