King Lil G “Grow Up” Video

King Lil G “Grow Up” Video

King Lil G is making his first appearance on The Ave with this inspirational, soulful record I really fuck with! “Grow Up” is Lil G telling his story as a kid growing up in LA surrounded by poverty, gangs, broken homes and roaches in his apartment. However, in explaining his story he is uplifting the youth by letting them know if he is making something of himself they can too. I will always support a positive message wrapped up inside a dope song like this.

Did I mention how dope the video is? Matt Maloney directed a mini-movie here, with shootouts, special effects, amazing shots, beautiful classic cars. 2015 is going to be huge for King Lil G, just you watch!

His new album 90’s Kid drops March 10th.

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