End of The Year Rant

End of The Year Rant

Another year has flown by and while this year was filled with memories, this year was also filled with some of the trendiest nonsense that has made me question my own generation for partaking in these shenanigans.

For instance, “FUCK HER RIGHT IN THE PU**Y” was funny the first time I watched the video. Then the old fuck that originated it made a sequel doing the same shit. At this point it got old and boring, kind of like Young Thug’s hook in Lifestyle. OH! and shout out to VINE for killing every fucking song this year with a catchy hook. Also, shout out to Josh Peck from Drake & Josh that went from being a TV star to hanging out with VINERS to stay relevant. That’s some Bow Wow shit right there. Anyways, back to the old fuck and the Pu**y thing. People all over the world started to remake his videos and started to fuck up the news one channel at a time. I just have one question, when the old guy said Fuck HER right in the pussy, who do you think HER is? Will we ever know who he was talking about, or am I just over analyzing this shit like a group of girls analyzing a guys Facebook profile.

I’ve always been outspoken about things I hate and people I wouldn’t mind seeing get jumped like 40 Glocc. Fuck you Soulja Boy… Over the year, there has been some new phrases that have people sounding retarded as fuck. OR NAW. Straight up I hate you if you ever “OR NAW” me. BAE. If you’re my girl and you call me “BAE” I’ll break up with you on the spot. ON FLEEK. If you have a penis and you say that shit i’ll fuck you up. I ain’t with that RuPaul shit. Ooo Kill Em. I don’t know what happened to that fat ass kid, but he was one “Ooo” away from killing himself. He needs to start hanging around them Pears like Rozay.

It seems like every year more and more people be flexing on social networks and this year was a helluva year for keyboard thugs. It got so bad that people actually tracked down IP addresses and went to visit those keyboard thugs to kill them. It’s kind of fucked up, but its kind of funny. Like you died for talking shit on the internet. You’zzz a bitch for that.


Since we cover music and we are always looking for new artists, we have come across some of the phoniest cats in the game. Some of these dudes are still living with mama but are acting like they made it because they opened up for a mainstream artist. Then there are some artists that act stuck up because they have a “huge” fan base. But if nobody is retweeting your shit or liking your pics on Instagram, you ain’t getting no love from those followers you bought, b. That Instagram clean they did about “a week ago” (Fuck Bobby Shmurda’s Dumbass) had some of these artists looking like Ma$e. But we aren’t here to expose any of you…



So it’s finally time to make up a list of things you won’t accomplish this year. I guarantee all of the basic bitches will post the picture above on Instagram and either write a summary of their year or write a summary of how they plan to live the new year differently. 1. This picture is so last year, literally. So you posting it already tells me you’re still living in the past and you lack originality. 2. Most of the hoes that write long ass summaries on Instagram don’t change, they just get new dick.


It’s about to be 2015, quit flexing on Instagram with 1 bottle. It’s the holidays, Henny is on SALE!

I think I’ve covered enough and roasted some of you for doing these things. Expect big things from the Avenue this year. If you aren’t already, follow us on Instagram & Twitter @ROSECRANSAVENUE


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