Mishon “Like My Girlfriend”

Mishon “Like My Girlfriend”

LA R&B sensation Mishon is emphatically killing them with the vocals on this record. You cannot fuck with his falsetto game. The Dream heard this then immediately took off his big ass glasses, Atlanta Braves fitted and retired, that’s how good this is. I have not heard a 100% genuine R&B track like this in a long time, how they used to be, filled with bridges, falsettos, story-telling and absolutely no rapping. This is the best vocal performance on a record of 2014 in my book.

“Like My Girlfriend” is a powerful ballad about infidelity. A young lady wants him to sexually treat her to her as if she was his girlfriend. Mishon tries to remain faithful so he curves her and mentions his girlfriend and her reply was “make love to me like your girlfriend“. These chicks iz ruthless, but they provide inspiration for great records like these.

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