King Chip – “By My Lonely”

King Chip – “By My Lonely”

King Chip is back with a self produced record, “By My Lonely” that will probably be in his upcoming project, Clevelafornia. Chip has been part of the news recently after producer Chuck Inglish released a Kid Cudi song that featured Chip which lead to Cud calling Chuck out on twitter and telling him to “lawyer up”. He also went on to advise to use that we shouldn’t trust many people in this life, and Chip tells that exact same story in this song. He goes on in the song to diss people who rely on their crews while calling himself a “one man movement”. He also points out why his first name is “King” with the line “That’s the whole point of being a king, you fuckin’ doofus”. Listen to the track below.

Irene Guerrero

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