Speak “Sex Quest EP”

Speak “Sex Quest EP”

FINALLY SPEAK HAS COME BACK…..To music. He wasn’t really gone for too long either, since this is his third project released this year. Speakinho started the year with the masterpiece that was Gnarly Davidson VS The Marlboro Men then treated us with SummerTime Radness EP and now he gives us the Sex Quest EP.

Mad props to the Perv for this one, I played this in front of my girl last night after we said our Christmas prayers and lets just say we ended up reenacting our own version of the Nativity Scene for an hour an forty minutes. Thank you hair god. You are appreciated.

This is a different look for Speak, not as much rapping, but it’s still a great listen, with tremendous replay value. I wouldn’t call these tracks panty droppers per se, but it definitely moistens the panties to get them ready to fall. He can’t do all the work, c’mon now, you fake ass booty goons have to close the deal on your own.

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