Marc Crisp “It’s Your Boyfriend” Mixtape (Premiere)

Marc Crisp “It’s Your Boyfriend” Mixtape (Premiere)

Marc Crisp is back on The Ave with yet another mixtape! He certainly does not like to keep his fans waiting. Marc recently dropped “Breadwinners Vol 1” with his Unpredictable crew. What is remarkable about this tape is that all 8 tracks are produced by Crisp himself, and he sings and he raps exceptionally well too. I’m not sure of what he can’t do actually, he probably can’t sleep much so he drops mixtapes while you’re all sleeping.

It’s Your Boyfriend features Big Boy Music artist Joey Peshi on the first track “Rap How I’m Livin“, which is my favorite record. The two go back and forth with bars straight from the jump, this record reminds me of some ’07 Lil Wayne mixtape shit.

The rest of the tape is filled with bars and braggadocios rap we can appreciate around here, this is some shit to ride around town with your homies to. Soulo, Apollo, and Preach also makes guest appearances on the tape and compliment Marc’s production very well. I recommend you all check this out before you all have to start paying to listen to MC and Unpredictable CO.

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