Mani Coolin’ “Merry Christmas” EP

Mani Coolin’ “Merry Christmas” EP

Tis the season for giving so Mani Coolin’ decides to give his loyal fans a dope present in the form of a new EP, five all new tracks titled “Merry Christmas“. Jay Kurzweil produced every track on the EP which was a great look, him and Mani have great chemistry. All five records are really tough which makes me wonder, if these were the ones that didn’t make the album then it’s about to be Mani Coolin’ season as soon as he drops. Really listen to Out of This World, he says some of the realest shit about LA I’ve heard in a long time, same n*ggas in the city go to the same clubs to see the same hoes, same girls go to the same clubs just to say nooo, that’s if you aint ballin” BOOM.

If all the tracks on Hope 4 The Youth are better than Water Whippin’ then it will be impossible for people to sleep on Mani.

Coolin’ seemlessly transitions from aggressive bragadocios raps to laid-back conscious throughout the project. He gives our youth game and provides hope for the future, while he hits your hoe with the DM with the other hand. That’s Hip-hop.

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