Short Dawg ft. Ab-Soul – “ADDiCTiON”

Short Dawg ft. Ab-Soul – “ADDiCTiON”

fR€$H aka Short Dawg has recently dropped a song with Carson native Ab-Soul titled “ADDiCTiON”, but instead of being turnt up, it’s turnt down and is mellowed out a bit, to go with the marijuana references. Both Short Dawg and Ab-Soul make connections to their addiction to each of their girls as well as the addiction of weed that they both have. In short, Short Dawg(pun intended) is able to hold his own on his song but let’s be honest. When you have Soulo on a track, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have to give up the spotlight to him. Soul is even able to throw in a Beatles reference in there. But a great track nonetheless, can’t wait to see what else Ab-Soul has in store for the future.

Irene Guerrero

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