Niko G4 – “West$ide pLAyer $hit pt. 2”

Niko G4 – “West$ide pLAyer $hit pt. 2”

Niko G4 is back with a sequel, a track titled “West$ide pLAyer $hit pt. 2”. In it, he makes sure that him and his homies are not “stressing over hoes” but instead he stays “finessing with his bros.” He also addresses city problems that I’m sure we all have had to deal with: potholes. I swear, if I have to pull over one more time to change my tire . . anyway, he doesn’t talk about how bad they are directly. He just says that he’s always in these LA streets like potholes. So I’m guessing he’s in the streets a hell of a lot. Do your part and take a stand against potholes by listening to the song below.

Irene Guerrero

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