Dom Kennedy – “Represent (I Like That)” prod. by J.LBS

Dom Kennedy – “Represent (I Like That)” prod. by J.LBS

Dom Kennedy is back with a new song for us titled “Represent(I Like That)” in which he vibes to a beat that he originally passed on, but now he’s pretty sure he’s murdered it. With a chill beat that makes you feel like you’re driving to Downtown LA to chill at the park with your girl, he makes sure that his own girl calls him papi, even though he tells her both his parents are black. But it’s the second verse where Dom shines in this song, being that it’s the longest and it also gets into the “represent” part of the song when he pays homage to the late Tony Gwynn, an LA native and a legendary baseball player. He also teaches us the alphabet from A to D, in case you forgot what order they go in. Make sure to learn your abc’s down below.

Irene Guerrero

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