Warm Brew “Can Ya Blame Me” Video

Warm Brew “Can Ya Blame Me” Video

Warm Brew. That is the name of my new favorite group, Can Ya Blame Me? These dudes are too musically wavy. Serk Spliff, Manu Li and Ray Wright kill this record in their own unique way, every verse will be your favorite verse. I said this about their last record, but I’m going to repeat it, they have a sound that draws comparisons to no one or nothing. These three are truly authentic, fresh, and new sonically.

This video, shot by The Topshelf Company is nuts, Serk plays the sniper, Manu Li is a dude bugging out at his Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and Ray is just chillen in the cut with a brew, I can not confirm it’s temperature however. It’s an entertaining visual, you really feel like you’re watching a movie, just fast forwarded all the way so it’s over in three and a half minutes.

Ghetto Beach Boyz January 13th it’s on.

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