Chris Brown & Tyga “Ayo” (Fan of a Fan 2)

Chris Brown & Tyga “Ayo” (Fan of a Fan 2)

Chris Breezy and Tyga have finally released their first song for their upcoming Fan Of a Fan 2 album. To be completely honest, I am not a big fan of Chris Brown or Tyga, however I am a HUGE fan of Fan Of a Fan. Their first mixtape is one of my favorite of all time. The whole tape was cohesive, sounded so different and it had bangers that I could play in front of the hunnies. I Ain’t Thinkin About You, Like a Virgin Again, Make Love, Regular Girl, were all so classic. If you don’t believe me listen for yourself.

On to the recently leaked track “Ayo” which was set to be released January 6th, but some 15 year old kid probably hacked Breezy or Tyga’s gmail to get it sooner, thanks fam. This shit is hot man, Nic Nac produced it of course, he has great musical chemistry with Breezy right now. Tyga aka the black Richie Rich does a good job leading off, but I think it’s safe to say Chris stole the show on this one singing and with his bars. That’s the good thing about groups though the constant subtle back and fourth competing pushing each other to get better. I can not wait to hear Fan of a Fan 2.

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